Building Intercultural Competences: Local Debate in Bulgaria

Many people dream to travel the world or to visit their dream country or city. Many young people are probably planning to apply to study abroad or to get a job in a large international company.

All these opportunities can bring an enriching and wonderful experience for everyone – to see new places, meet new people, new ideas, gain new knowledge, grow in every way. Unfortunately, people are not always prepared enough to take the best of these opportunities. Sometimes they experience a culture shock or just “can’t get along” with the others. Some people manage to overcome these difficulties, others – not really…

Varna University of Management team has hosted a meeting-discussion dedicated to the skills of intercultural communication.

The event took place on 10th February on GoogleMeet and was mainly dedicated to young people who are planning training / internship / work abroad, but so far have not had the opportunity to develop their skills to communicate with other cultures. Two guest speakers have share their experiences and shared practical advice on how to more easily deal with culture shock and more quickly “find common ground” with people having a different cultural background.

The first one, Ventzislava Venkova has a three-year experience as a student abroad. Besides, she knows the process of experiencing and adaptation to a new culture very well from psychological point of view.

Nurhan Fehin has a rich intercultural experience, being part of many international projects, AIESEC alumni and has visited even Japan. Currently he works with international students from all over the world.

After the presentations of the guest lecturers, there was also a space for the participants to share their experiences and advises. What we have remembered for sure – if you go abroad, always double-check the meaning of the words the local teenagers teach you 🙂

Local event in Bulgaria, dedicated to the Intercultural Communication

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