Culture Shock – What It Is and How to Deal with It? (Local Debate in Greece)

On 28th January, our friends from Inter Alia have conducted a very cool local event, dedicated to a very important topic – the cultural shock. It always comes together with the intercultural experience, so knowing it and having the proper tools to overcome it, is very important.

Culture Shock - what it is and how to deal with it?

The organisers have invited very interesting lecturers, having personal experience with this phenomena:

  • Dr. Joanna Simos, Associate Director, Arcadia University Athens and Drew Villierme- Lightfoot Study Abroad Program Manager, Arcadia University, USA
  • Stella Elmatzoglou – Volunteer Programme Coordinator
  • Emna Miled – Junior Project Manager, CESIE and former volunteer at Inter Alia

During this interactive meeting, there was space to share experiences and ask questions about the familiar, the unknown and the changing cultural environment.

After the guests’ inputs, there was time for personal reflections, questions, answers, sharing.

The official page of the event on Facebook: