YORIE – Young and Old for Regional Identities in Europe

YORIE - Young and Old for Regional Identities in Europe

Name of the organization: SOPRO – Solidariedade e Promoção
Website: sorpo.org.pt

Brief description of the organization

SOPRO – Solidarity and Promotion, was founded in 1996, by a group of young volunteer students from Colégio La Salle, in Barcelinhos, city of Barcelos, Portugal. SOPRO is recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization for the Development of NGOs with the Statute of Public Utility, Non-Profit, by the Instituto Camões IP which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the national level, SOPRO works locally, in the Barcelos area, where it promotes Proximity Volunteering through the Bank of Manuals and School Supplies and a project for the defence of Gender Equality, the Fight against Domestic and Gender Violence, and Trafficking arrives of Human Beings. SOPRO promotes, together with organized groups of all ages, awareness actions on VOLUNTEERING and Gender Equality and Gender Violence (Violence in Dating) LOVE WITH LOVE.

In Europe, SOPRO works with the Erasmus+ Programme and the European Solidarity Corps.

Problem addressed by the good practice

In the context of YORIE, SOPRO is planning to boost activities that promote the valuation of handicrafts and their exploitation as a pedagogical and professional instrument. Because Barcelos has a unique cultural identity, SOPRO wants to honor it and foster intergenerational relationships, so that traditions are not lost and the feeling of belonging is renewed!

Target groups

The target groups are young people and people who work directly with young people.

Summary of the good practice

The YORIE project – Young and Old for Regional Identities in Europe, results from an international partnership between entities from different European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and Turkey), within the scope of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme and Grundtvig Programme.

The project aims to promote and enhance the construction of a European identity based on the reemergence of regional identities, supporting this work in intergenerational support for the personal development of young adults.


At the end of the activity, which had as main objectives to provide the acquisition and development of various techniques and knowledge related to the pottery and figuration of Barcelos, the participants were able to get in touch with a form of handicraft that is also a tourist product and, therefore, recognized internationally.

Most participants were unemployed, so the workshop was also an opportunity to provide young people with the tools (knowledge and technical skills) necessary for the exploration of handicrafts as a professional activity and to promote the active participation of women. senior generations. Craftsmanship is an area with potential and the intention was, through the workshop, to train participants and share knowledge between generations.


It is always good to make activities open to everyone and in a way that each participant feels included.


More information about YORIE is available on the organization’s website.

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