Name of the organization: IMVF – Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr
Website: www.imvf.org

Brief description of the organization

Created in 1951 as a private institution of public utility, IMVF is a foundation for development and cooperation, that started its activity as an NGDO in 1988, in Sao Tome and Principe. From the 1990s onward, IMVF has expanded its actions to other countries, mainly Portuguese speaking countries and broaden its scope of intervention. In 2017, IMVF widened again its sphere of activities to new geographies in Africa and Latin America as well. The results achieved have turned IMVF into a key stakeholder in different areas of expertise and intervention such as Cooperation and Development.

Problem addressed by the good practice

The initiative aims to encourage the democratic and civic participation of young people – including policy-makers and other development actors – from partner countries, reporting on the European Union’s policy-making process in the context of migration and promoting opportunities for social and intercultural training, as well as volunteering at European level.

Target groups

The target group is 565 young people, including policy-makers and other development actors from partner countries, anti-discrimination specialists/professionals; civil society organizations; community leaders; educational community; European and European Union citizens; European Union policymakers; the general public; journalists/media; local authorities; youth.

Summary of the good practice

The priorities of our project are defined by promoting cultural dialogue, mutual understanding and combating stigmatization of groups of migrants and minorities. In this context, it is essential to create conditions that allow citizens to participate in the European Union’s policy-making processes, in order to strengthen solidarity among European citizens and ensure that civil society organizations, their members and any member of society are involved. in the democratic life of the European Union.


TAS Web Platform – where the contents of WorkLabs will be available. The Platform will also ensure that all development actors have access to the materials analyzed and produced within the scope of the project. It also ensures its visibility and sustainability. 18 newsletters 26 videos 3 webinars 5 dissemination events 1 international event in Brussels – to raise awareness of the existence of different groups of migrants in Europe (European and non-European migrants) and the various existing patterns, trends and specificities related to migrants.


The TAS Web Platform is open for new entries. The participants can make a difference in the construction of narratives that place migration as a pillar of the process of glocal development.


More information about the good practice is available on the project’s website.

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