Positively Different Short Film Festival

Positively Different Short Film Festival

Name of the organization: Inter Alia
Website: https://interaliaproject.com/

Brief description of the organization

Inter Alia is active in the fields of education, youth work and culture with the aim to: Promote and enhance civic action and civil society’s interconnectedness and effectiveness in influencing decision-making at any level; Empower youth and increase employment opportunities through training, skills development, and civic and social participation; Confront interpersonal and intergroup stereotypes and enhance intercultural understanding inside and outside the perceived limits of Europe as a means to peace and well-being.

Problem addressed by the good practice

Discrimination against persons of intersecting identities.

Target groups

Vulnerable Social Groups of Intersecting Identities.

Summary of the good practice

The organising committee invites filmmakers, documentarists, visual artists and film students to submit short movies from the fields of fiction, documentary or visual arts. There is a particular focus on intersectionality and the stories of communities and individuals that, due to their intersecting identities and complex experiences regarding their gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion and able-bodiedness, remain unseen. Positively Different Short Film Festival focuses on the multiple facets of oppression and aspires to further creative works, cultural networks and political causes from and about the invisibles of modern societies. The selected films are screened during an international festival that so far is taking place in Athens, Greece.


Acting as a meeting points for creators with attentive news to discrimination as it is expressed at points where identities intersect and persons that have experienced discrimination, the festival uses the art of filmmaking as a means to raise social awareness and empower communities and individuals.


Filmmaking is an accessible form of creativity, to allow individuals and groups to express their thoughts and ideas. Both the creative procedure to produce a short film and an event which brings together creators participating in different communities foster the exchange of practices and the creation of networks of support, within the frame of civic activism.


Information about the Chat Club can be found on the web-site of the Positively Different Short Film Festival

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