Observatory for Migrant Inclusion & Integration: Attica-Sicily (OMAS)

Observatory for Migrant Inclusion & Integration: Attica-Sicily (OMAS)

Name of the organization: Inter Alia
Website: https://interaliaproject.com/

Brief description of the organization

Inter Alia is active in the fields of education, youth work and culture with the aim to: Promote and enhance civic action and civil society’s interconnectedness and effectiveness in influencing decision-making at any level; Empower youth and increase employment opportunities through training, skills development, and civic and social participation; Confront interpersonal and intergroup stereotypes and enhance intercultural understanding inside and outside the perceived limits of Europe as a means to peace and well-being.

Problem addressed by the good practice

Migrant exclusion and social integration.

Target groups

Social workers, refugees’ & migrants’ associations, local stakeholders

Summary of the good practice

The “Observatory for Migrant Inclusion & Integration: Attica-Sicily (OMAS)” is a blog run by young volunteers at Inter Alia, a civic organization and think-tank based in Athens, in cooperation with CESIE, an organization based in Palermo. OMAS aims to contribute to a better understanding of Europe’s changing demographic context by researching and reflecting on practices for social integration and to acquire an assortment of new learnings and competences.

In more detail, the blog aims to:

  • Raise awareness about ongoing projects and facilitate the exchange of good practices for migrant inclusion and integration;
  • Communicate bottom-up efforts taking place in Attica and Sicily and highlight the importance of grassroots initiatives for the well-being of European societies;
  • Foster a debate among civic organizations, migrants’ associations, researchers and stakeholders from the regions of Attica & Sicily;
  • Suggest lines of action that will apply to both national and EU policy-makers and civic organizations in Attica and Sicily.


Collecting and presenting good practices of ongoing social work can act both as a point of reference for other professionals to get inspired and for persons affected to learn where to turn to.


Collections of quality practices with good documentation or presenting primary sources are valuable to researchers and policy makers, as well as activists. Initiatives that are active in this line of work can position themselves as a contact point between communities and create a multiplier effect in other occasions.


Information about “Observatory for Migrant Inclusion & Integration: Attica-Sicily (OMAS)” can be found on the blog website

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