Life Bank

Life Bank

Name of the organization: Cross Culture International Foundation

Brief description of the organization

Cross Culture International Foundation (CCIF) is an NGO that aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through education, networking, volunteering, youth exchange, and cultural programs. This includes humanitarian activities that involve the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. CCIF intends to build cultural and artistic expressions as a means of promoting solidarity and social cohesion.

Problem addressed by the good practice

The good practice focuses on many retired, skilled, competent and experienced persons who have time at their disposal to positively contribute to the work being done by civic organizations as well as training and mentoring youth volunteers/workers.

Target groups

The target group is retired professionals/senior citizens (50 years and older); and young people from marginalized groups.

Summary of the good practice

Life Bank was a CCIF pilot project which promoted active citizenship and intercultural dialogue through volunteering and mentorship. It created a resource pool of vibrant active senior citizens, investing for change through skills transfer. The project connected skilled volunteers and the youths from migrant, refugee, and other minority backgrounds that required guidance from someone who has walked the walk. Through its various activities, CCIF reached out to senior citizens, youths, and NGOs to facilitate the process of developing relationships, upskilling and training of staff/volunteers, and linking aspiring youths with mentors. Registered volunteers received training before embarking on volunteering whilst civic organizations saved costs of recruiting and simply enjoyed the fruits of experienced volunteers within their organization.


Life Bank is born out of valuable information gathered over 3 years of interacting with the community and benefitting from the professional input and support services rendered by senior citizens to different CCIF initiatives and programs.


The team hopes that the wiser, experienced generation will become more active and develop relationships, civic organizations will benefit from the skills transfer to achieve sustainability and cost-effectiveness and the youths will receive valuable wisdom and experience. It’s a win-win-win situation.


Information about the initiative is available on the dedicated website.

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