InterArts – Youth Communities for Social Inclusion

InterArts – Youth Communities for Social Inclusion

Name of the organization: Inter Alia

Brief description of the organization

Inter Alia is active in the fields of education, youth work and culture with the aim to: Promote and enhance civic action and civil society’s interconnectedness and effectiveness in influencing decision-making at any level; Empower youth and increase employment opportunities through training, skills development, and civic and social participation; Confront interpersonal and intergroup stereotypes and enhance intercultural understanding inside and outside the perceived limits of Europe as a means to peace and well-being.

Problem addressed by the good practice

Discrimination within local communities, lack of interpersonal communication and personal expression.

Target groups

Marginalised Youngsters.

Summary of the good practice

The “InterArts – Youth Communities for Social Inclusion” aims at empowering young people to fight against discrimination and social exclusion through the use of artistic activities, by deploying an innovative non-formal methodology targeted to young people living in marginalised conditions. By deploying an innovative non-formal methodology based on a set of art-related disciplines (i.e. dance, theatre, music, street-art, photography, literature, cinema, painting & sculpture), a series of activities produces practical knowledge to reduce social exclusion and improve the level of key competences and skills. Heading the initiative, centro nazionale di produzione “Virgilio Sieni”, encourages discussion between communities and art, while Inter Alia implements activities locally in relevant neighbourhoods of Athens.


Activities in all participating countries (Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium) have been met with enthusiasm by the participating young people. Art, especially in times of difficulty, can be used as means of escapism, as a creative outlet to express oneself and socialize. The individual methodologies, each involving one art form, allow those involved to experience new aspects of known arts, while benefitting from the act of coming together.


The methodologies used in the frame of Inter Arts can be used to foster the creation of local volunteer communities, to bridge the gap between people who are just meeting and to complement other means of establishing interpersonal communication.


Information about “InterArts – Youth Communities for Social Inclusion” can be found on the website of the project

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