Hyp Learning+ – International Relations Team

Hyp Learning+ - International Relations Team
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Name of the organization: Hellenic Youth Participation
Website: hellenicyouthparticipation.com

Brief description of the organization

HYP is a non-governmental organization for education and empowerment, based in Athens with a focus on young people. Their actions focus on personal and professional development and youth activation through experiential, diversified and non-formal activities at local, national and international level. They organize youth exchanges, educational programs, EVS, internships abroad, educational trips, seminars, groups and actions in the city.

Problem addressed by the good practice

Knowledge on international issues.

Target groups

Young Adults, students and NEETs.

Summary of the good practice

A group consisting with a size of 10 persons meets monthly to share news, analyse and reflect. Meeting are facilitated by an expert in the field, bridging their knowledge with the need of the participants to better understand the world around them. The members of this groups learn more about developments around the world and are enabled to communicate and discuss with others on these. Through interactive methods or approaching information and experiential learning, they learn about the place of their country in the international relations field, about regional bilateral issues and how they are being handled. Their meeting also provides them with an opportunity to practice public speaking and develop critical thinking and leadership.


Political developments and bilateral issues affect the lives of people in the most basic level. When people are aware of what is happening beyond their borders and the intricacies of specific events, they are in a better position to interact with people that are affected by them. The most prevalent example is events that displace people, sending them in search of refuge.


Communities of the global North are hosting people displaced by crises or other severe conditions. Learning about the lives of those arriving in new communities is a way to mitigate miscommunication.


Further information about the Hyp Learning+ – International Relations Team can be found on the Hellenic Youth Participation’s website

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