Hyp Learning+ – Foreign Languages Classes

Hyp Learning+ - Foreign Languages Classes

Name of the organization: Hellenic Youth Participation
Website: hellenicyouthparticipation.com

Brief description of the organization

HYP is a non-governmental organization for education and empowerment, based in Athens with a focus on young people. Their actions focus on personal and professional development and youth activation through experiential, diversified and non-formal activities at local, national and international level. They organize youth exchanges, educational programs, EVS, internships abroad, educational trips, seminars, groups and actions in the city.

Problem addressed by the good practice

Communicating in a new language, either local or foreign

Target groups

Local youth

Summary of the good practice

Workers of the organisation and volunteers provide the opportunity to youngsters to learn a new language. The language taught are Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, English, French and Greek. There is an additional class for exercising English orally. Classes take place 5 afternoons per week.


Learning a new language can be a tool that will give the opportunity to be integrated into a new society, to communicate with people from other places, to be exposed to a new culture. Both as an asset for employability and as a necessity for people arriving in Greece and wanting to learn the local language, it is important to provide such a fundamental learning opportunity.


Organising such classes can be demanding for the staff of an organisation, but with the support of volunteers, such actions can have a great local impact and have a pivotal role to inclusion.


Further information about the Hyp Learning+ – Foreign Languages Classes can be found on the Hellenic Youth Participation’s website

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