Connected We Stand

Connected We Stand

Name of the organization: Connect your City

Brief description of the organization

CONNECT YOUR CITY is the first integrated Youth Centre in Greece, which operates at the neighbourhood level. It is an open meeting place for young people aged 16 to 30, who have the opportunity to make creative use of their free time, to develop their skills – through educational programs – and finally to have the opportunity to enter the labour market, through of the Job Club. CONNECT YOUR CITY strives to offer the new generation an interactive communication and action platform.

Problem addressed by the good practice

Raising visibility of civic society organisations and raising awareness on the issues they address

Target groups

Wider Audience

Summary of the good practice

“Connected We Stand” is a European Wide festival dedicated to the World Peace Day. The main aims of the festival is to sensitize people on issues of solidarity and active participation of youth, the change of mentality through simple everyday actions, connecting people regardless of ethnicity, gender and age. The event in 2019 took place in one of the central squares of the city of Athens (Syntagmatos Square), involving a large crowd volunteers and participants in its several activities. Several organizations and initiatives of the civic society were present, having space to meet & greet the visitors, discuss with their peer citizens and raise awareness on their work. The festival was joined by high profiles singers and musicians who gave concerts for the people of Athens, while many side activities took place.


Such high-profile, wide address events can support the work of the civic society initiatives by raising their visibility and reaching new audiences that were unaware of their efforts.


Although organising such events call for a high degree of organisation and coordination, they can be a strategic move to connect activists, citizens yet to be activated, stakeholders from the entrepreneurial world and institutions, as well as a wider audience in a festive and more relaxed setting. It can be useful in cases where there are numerous organisations and initiatives working for groups in need and they lack visibility. Such festivals are also an opportunity to socialise, in a positive environment.


Information about the initiative can be found on the Connect Your City website or on the official Facebook Event Page

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