Atletico Ferrovia Football Team

Atletico Ferrovia Football Team

Name of the organization: Atletico Ferrovia
Facebook: FB Atletico Ferrovia

Brief description of the organization

Atletico Ferrovia is an amateur football team related to a particular neighborhood.

Problem addressed by the good practice

The problem addressed was to find a pitch (football field) to train.

Target groups

The target group is young people aged 15-29.

Summary of the good practice

The main activities carried out by Atletico Ferrovia are training and participation in local amateur tournaments aimed at encouraging the social integration of migrants in their neighbourhood. The amateur football club has been active since 2017. The team has a field granted by the parish of Santa Maria della Porta for workouts.


In a marginal neighbourhood where daily coexistence between different ethnic groups is complicated, this type of activity has opened a series of relationships, expressions of solidarity and friendship between the different inhabitants that would have been unthinkable until just three years ago.


This initiative is completely self-managed and self-financed with all the relative problems of the case. In the near future, the team would like to constitute a real recognized association, therefore any help and support to the children and any form of solidarity, sponsorship or promotion can be useful to keep active the project and to make it grow.


Information about the Atletico Ferrovia Football Team can be found on their official Facebook page.

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